To register for lessons, students must be placed with an instructor by the Director. Please contact Katherine Baird at for more information about finding an instructor.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Preparatory Music lesson rates are competitive with Bay Area rates:
30 minute lesson between $35 – 45
45 minute lesson between $40 – 50
60 minute lesson between $70 – 100

Do all the instructors teach lessons at Holy Names University?

Almost all the Preparatory Music instructors teach on campus, with the exception of a few who teach at their home studios. Lessons take place in the Kennedy and Valley Center buildings.

How do we find a teacher?

The director will refer an instructor after a brief interview that addresses questions such as a preference for Suzuki vs. traditional lessons, preference for a male or female teacher, preference for weekday afternoon/evening or weekend lesson time, preference for an instructor with a stronger or more mild-mannered personality, or an instructor who enrolls students in Certificate of Merit or other yearly exams.

What do we look for in a teacher?

It is recommended to meet the instructor and inquire what her/his expectations are of students: how much time per day to practice, how frequent are recitals, does she/he require participation in group class in addition to lessons, etc. It is important that the parent and student both feel comfortable with the instructor and that communication is easy. In order for the parent-teacher-student relationship to be productive, finding a good fit with an instructor is key to long-term success.

What if we already have a teacher but want to switch?

Because the Bay Area music community is so connected, we do not place students who currently have an instructor with one of our instructors unless the current teacher is aware of the need to make a change and has given her/his approval.

When can we begin lessons?

Lessons may begin at any time during the year. In the case of Suzuki lessons, the family must complete a Prep to Twinkle series first, and these are held twice each during the fall and spring semesters.

Does Holy Names offer summer lessons?

Most instructors offer lessons during the summer. Students are strongly encouraged to continue lessons during the summer, as so much ground can be lost with inconsistent lessons and practice.

How do we pay for lessons?

Lessons are paid for online, by the semester, with installment payments available (depending on when during the semester a student begins). A $200 private lesson deposit is required before the first lesson, which is applied to the balance. An invoice is sent with instructions on how to pay the remainder.

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